Hello, my name is Siena Powers. I live in Berlin. I like to draw, paint, and make books, especially very small ones. I also like to read books, but that takes more time.

I graduated in May, 2018, from a liberal arts college in Santa Fe NM, where i learned how to read. This is not a joke. All i did there was read for hours upon hours, and in between that i sometimes ate a snack.


The college i attended was called St. John's College and it is a Great Books school. This means we focused on the Western Canon. I loved it, though for the first two years i was concerned that we only read dead white men.


HOWEVER, during my first year, i founded an intersectional gender studies group which i continued over the course of my studies. I greatly enjoyed this group, and i believe it helped me see the value in ALL of the works i read. I completed my studies with a thesis project on George Eliot's novel, Middlemarch.


Since leaving the cocoon of college, i have worked as a podcast production intern in Austin, TX, and then moved to Berlin.


Now i am working for a cultural anthropologist who specializes in the digitization of the social sector. 

IN THE FUTURE i want to make beautiful and moving exhibitions (or experiences) that focus on the implications of technology and digitization. I want to use literature as a simulation for life and as a tool for decision making.


This interest could take many forms, but i would like to pursue it through the medium of interactive art books.





Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

2014 - 2018

St. John's College

Double Major: Philosophy, History of Math and Science

Double Minor: Classical Studies, Comparative Literature and Linguistics


2010 - 2014

Marchutz School of Fine Arts

The Putney School


I don't have any awards other than something i won in highschool for an essay i wrote and i don't remember what it's called. But i would like you to know that i won.

Contact Me - I would be really happy to hear from you!

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