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DIE KUNSTGRUPPE is a commitment to creating work on a continual basis. 

the purpose of the group is to create community and support around artists and their work. it serves as a way to pool resources, ideas, foster inspiration and potential collaborations.  

if you are interested in joining the group, or being involved in some way, please get in touch.  

the group meets twice a month, first for a dinner and second for a workday.


the salon evening is the heart of the group. this is a time when we come together for an evening to share, discuss, explore, meet new people, and learn new things. the idea is that there is a regular commitment to creating and showing up, so that your practise develops. the only requirement is that you create SOMETHING between each meeting. it can be anything: a painting, a piece of writing, a drawing, a knitted hat, it doesn’t really matter.  


the workshop days are times when we meet to work together. these are either communal working times in which everyone is doing their own work, workshops where someone is sharing a skill, or more formalised sessions for critique and feedback. 

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