I became interested in podcasts becuase i like to listen to stories. Since i like listening to them, i thought i might like to make them. And i do.


I have collaborated on two very different audio projects, one is a fiction series called Horsemen, the other is an interview series called Being Underwater.


Horsemen was created in collaboration with David Sewell McCann. It is the story of a doctor who tries to help people in unusual ways, and through his practise he may or may not cause the apocalypse. I aided in story development and acted the voice of Edna Madsen, one of the four horsemen. 




Being Underwater is a series of interviews lead by Dr. Joana Breidenbach, and explores the inner world of each guest. The focusing question is "what does it feel like to be you?", adapted from the famous philosophy paper from 1974 in which Thomas Nagel asked, "What is it Like to be a Bat?" The paper explores radical subjectivity, and in our own project, we attempt a similar goal.

Through this process we try to understand how the onset of the internet, and the digital revolution, has changed consiousness. We ask how the digital age affects our experience of the world and of our own emotional, physical, and mental lives.


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