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freelance work

siena works as a freelance writer, editor, researcher, and audio producer for various individual clients ranging from anthropologists, psychotherapists, artists, and writers. she has supported projects for the betterplace lab, Europa Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder, Das Dach, Berlin and others. 

if you are interested in working with her, pls get in touch!




siena has worked on multiple projects around the theme of wellbeing and inner life in the digital age.


A User’s Guide to Digital Wellbeing in collaboration with Ben Mason and the betterplace lab. 

collaborations with social entrepreneur and cultural anthropologist Joana Breidenbach: article seriesThe Digital TableBEING UNDERWATER podcast.

she works with therapists, spiritual practitioners, and artists on research and written documentation of their work. 

Introduction to Being Underwater with Joana BreidenbachBeing Underwater
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